Welcome to the vibrant city of Indore, where modernity and tradition intertwine to create a unique urban landscape. Known for its rich cultural heritage and dynamic business environment, Indore has emerged as one of the fastest-growing cities in India, making it an ideal destination for commercial ventures. The real estate market takes centre stage with remarkable commercial projects that embody innovation, sustainability, and functionality. With a two-decade history of building high-quality commercial and residential spaces, Raichandani Group is reshaping Indore’s business landscape and offering an unparalleled experience for investors and entrepreneurs. With a proven track record in the real estate market, Raichandani Group is now offering some of the best commercial projects in Indore. Here are some of the in-demand Commercial Projects In Indore.


Choosing the right Commercial properties can cause hassles sometimes. With its modern infrastructure, vibrant culture, and highly skilled workforce, Indore is the perfect location for businesses of all sizes and industries. The city is home to a range of commercial projects that cater to the needs of businesses, from modern office spaces to retail outlets, showrooms, and more.

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– Yes, Raichandani has been developing both Residential & Commercial spaces across 6 major cities in India, for 20 years.

– Raichandani has constructed 4 million+ sq ft area and 75+ properties upto date.

– Offices, retail spaces, industrial, business centers and mixed-use developments.
– Raichandani is based out of Hyderabad with its head office in Hyderabad.

– Commercial focuses on business use, while residential is for living purposes.

– Raichandani has successfully set its foothold in 6 cities. Hyderabad, Pune, Goa, Karimnagar, Bhopal, Indore.
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